{holiday sessions} the Orradre family

depending on how long you have been following my blog {and if it’s your first time, welcome!} you may or may not recognize this family.:)they are very near and dear to Trevor and i…

i have been getting a lot of credit for the amazingness of this shoot, but honestly peeps, all i did is help scout the location, carry that mattress all the way there {ah!}, and take the images. everything else is credited to the awesome talent of Laura. she has a vision, she makes it happen. and i must say, it did turn out prettyyyyyy wonderful.:)

during the shoot, the other person with loads of talent {my amazing husband Trevor} created a video that will  be cherished for….forever. i mean..come on. yes, i love the pictures..but there is something about a video that just makes my heart so, so happy. i love these kiddos with every single fiber of my being, and to be able to look back at this video is pretty special.:)so make sure you check it out, then take a look at the images i captured.:)enjoy!!!



The Orradre Family from trevor gomes on Vimeo.



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