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Hearst State Beach in San Simeon was the absolutely perfect spot for Rene’ & Joe’s engagement session! there are so many photo spots here that I have fallen in love with, and I seem to find new ones every time I adventure around! we walked, we talked, we snuggled, and learned as we were over looking the high cliffs at the end of the point, that one of them has a real serious fear of heights. oops! haha. but they were troopers for me, and I rewarded them with the perfect golden sunset beach snuggle sesh. ;) can’t wait for their wedding this October at La Cuesta Ranch!! here’s a few favorites from our little afternoon together! xo

let me tell you a bit about my time with Alec & Delaney…

first of all, everything happens in life for a reason, and these two fell into our 2017 wedding calendar serendipitously. and i may or may not have done a happy dance after getting off the phone with Delaney and realizing that we were in fact, going to be able to work together this year.

these two are ridiculously and adorably in love. the way they look at each other, crack jokes, snuggle up, just.everyyything. I’m not even going to apologize for the amount of images that i have blogged for you today, because every single image tells more of the story of the love these two share and the incredible afternoon we had together.

we started in downtown SLO, cruising around, trying not to get hit by cars and dodging people! haha. once our feet were tired, we loaded up and headed to Perfumo Canyon. which is my new favorite spot to shoot at all the tiiiiime. it’s such a beautiful spot to watch the sunset!

here’s just a fewwww favorites. :) xo

Danielle & Bryan are getting married in Paso Robles, CA this June at Hammersky Vineyards, but they live in Dallas, TX! when it turned out that i already had plans to visit my best friend in Texas, we decided to make a real trip of it and have me fly to Dallas for their engagement session!

i met up with them for a yummy dinner the night i arrived in Dallas, and trying to beat most of the rain, we met up early the next morning for their engagement session! we played around downtown Dallas for a bit, and then went to their cozy little home for warm coffee and snuggles with their pup Napa! then we went out for burgers and beer! :)

that night i was in the craziiiiest storm of my liiiife! I’ve never experience rain, wind, or thunder and lighting like that, and oh, just a little tornado warning, no big deal…

enjoy a few of my favorites from our time in Dallas together!! :) xo

I am beyond excited to share this sweet engagement session with you!! :) Scott & Rachelle are not only the nicest humans ever, they are incredibly smart, and funny to boot. we adventured around Pismo Beach, walked on some logs, ran in the sand, had tickle fights and lots of cuddles. so excited for their wedding day this year!! here are a few favorites from their engagement session! xo

we ended our 2016 wedding season with this incredibly sweet and lovely day. Rosie & Justin were a dream to hang out with and photograph. Rosie and I went to school together, but we decided to meet up one night for Thai food to chat all things wedding and so that Justin and I could meet! we ended up just hanging out at the restaurant chatting and I knew they were going to be the perfect ones to polish off 2016.

thanks to lovely hair and makeup by Amy of The Blushed Company! :) and Scott Muir Mobile DJ!

Nick & Markie had the sweetest wedding day on Friday November 11th at The Fort! i photographed Markie’s senior portraits, so to now photograph her wedding day was quite surreal! crazy how time flies! we had a blast at their engagement session, and I’ve been waiting for their wedding every since! she made the most beautiful bride and her Nick are as cuuuute as can be. so happy for you both! enjoy a few of my favorite portraits from the day! xo

Zach & Natalie are getting married this year in August at Terra Mia in Paso Robles! i am so excited for their wedding day, mainly because i just want to hang out with them again, and eat donuts. Natalie is 100% in love with donuts, aaaand Zach. I’m pretty certain she would choose Zach if she had to pick between one or the other, but it honestly might be a toss up. ;)

we meet up at SLO Donut Company to duh, get some donuts. and how cute were they to create a special donuts JUST for Zach & Natalie with their wedding date! after many donut bites, we headed off to Madonna mountain and then cruised to the beach for ‘sunset’ pictures, which turned into the freezing fog photos. it was as cold as it looks, but you would never know because these two are ROCKSTARS.


thanks for hanging with me you guys! so excitedddd for August! xo


ahhhhh. these two. from their engagement session – to their wedding day – and now they’re having a BABY. i am beyond happy for these two sweet, caring, and adorable humans and cannot wait to meet baby Grayson!!! we had so much fun cruising around the coast for their sweet maternity session – ending at my new favorite hilltop for sunset! that light, that gown, that baby bump!! here’s a few favorites!! xo

michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0002 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0003 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0004 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0005 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0006 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0007 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0008 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0009 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0010 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0011 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0012 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0013 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0014 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0015 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0016 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0017 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0018 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0019 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0020 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0021 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0022 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0023 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0024 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0025 michaelalyssamaternity-lindsey-gomes-photography_0026


eeeeeeee. i am SO excited to be sharing Jamie & Jason’s engagement session with you!! while looking through these photos, if you think to yourself, “wow, they look like they’re having a lot of fun!.” or “awww, they’re so in love!” these are all very accurate reactions and emotions to have. because these two are the cutest and we literally had the definition of a good time at their session. and can we all say together now, “THAT SKIRT.” right. i know. it’s delicious.

beyond excited for their wedding day next April!!! :) xo

*makeup by: Carrie Marie Artistry

goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0002 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0003 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0004 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0005 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0006 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0007 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0008 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0009 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0010 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0011 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0012 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0013 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0014 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0015 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0016 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0017 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0018 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0020 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0019 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0021 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0022 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0023 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0024 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0025 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0026 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0027 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0028 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0029 goldencaliforniaengagementlindseygomesphotography_0030