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Spring family photo sessions are my new favorite thing! I mean, that green grass is so beautiful!! I’ve been photographing this sweet family since Chris and Candace got engaged, and now little Owen just turned 1! I was so excited to get to meet him and spend some time with them again! sweet, laid-back family sessions like these are just my favorite! all we did was play! :) here are a few of my favorites! xo

Matt & CheyAnne’s wedding day at the lovely Santa Margarita Ranch, turned out to be a gorgeous March day, which was a huge relief because of all the rain storms we had been experiencing leading up to it!! but all those storms left us a beautiful scattered cloud sky – that sometimes gave us sunshine, and sometimes gave a shade. way to keep us on our toes Mother Nature! ;)

enjoy a few of my favorites from their sweet day! xo

huge thank you to: Santa Margarita Ranch | By Request | Rib Line Catering

Matt + Micaela’s wedding day was our first wedding of 2017! it was the most absolutely beautiful day, and the perfect wedding to kick off our season!! these two had their ceremony surrounded by their closest friends and family, cliffside overlooking the ocean in Shell Beach, CA and then partied it up at Ciopino downtown SLO. to say we had fun would be an absolute understatement! after their sweet ceremony with some of the most tear-jerking and hilarous vows, we wandered and ran around a few different locations before heading to dinner, drinks and dancing! enjoy a few of my favorite images from their lovely day! xo
Getting Ready Location: The Granada Hotel | Gown: Moondance Bridal  | Florals: Noonan’s Designs | Ceremony: Margo Dodd Park, Shell Beach, CA | Reception: Ciopinot, San Luis Obispo, CA



one of my favorite things about this profession of mine is being able to capture incredible moments for people. solidifying that moment in time with a photograph, to always be remembered and looked back on. BUT, when those moments are bringing a new little love into your family, AND, they happen to be some of my best friends in this whole entire world, the feeling is indescribable.

casey and caroline are not strangers to my blog. you’ve seen their faces. but the last time you saw them it was on their wedding day, and now they just welcomed their first baby into their lives on February 28th, 2017 at 12:59pm.

let’s start at the beginning: growing baby shepherd! the gender was a surprise, so we just called baby ‘baby Shep’ for 9 months! hehe.

THEN, this sweet baby decided to be upside down in the womb. so a scheduled c-section it was!

i went back to the hospital the next day. :)

after being nameless in the hospital for 2 days, the perfect name: Parker Ray Shepherd was decided! and here are some sweet photos at 10 days new! :)

on Tuesday, November 21st, 2016 – Trevor + I embarked our first.ever. tropical vacation together! in around May, we were talking with our close group of friends about how we all needed to do a vacation together, someone mentioned Maui, someone mentioned Thanksgiving, and it was all downhill from there. plans start forming, tickets were booked, reservations were made, and it was official. there was going to be 8 OF US celebrating Thanksgiving, life, + friendship together in Maui.

sounds pretty fantastic, right? WELL IT WAS. easily the best vacation ever. in true Gomes/photographer style, Trevor and I captured a lot of what went down on our camera and our phones. cause, duh, memories. ;)

the trip started out with a 2 night stay at The Grand Wailea! to say this place is incredible is a complete understatement.

in 2005 i started babysitting for a family, who grew to be like my family. i was with them and their kiddos for 10 years, they gave me the nickname “Cheese”, and i will always and forever and ever love them with every single bone in my body. if you know me, you know about them, so i won’t go on for paragraphs…

BUT – they also happened to be in Maui at THE SAME TIME as us. crazy, right? so we stayed at The Grand Wailea with them for those first 2 nights!!

here’s Trevor and I with this crazy group of kiddos who i love

this was our first day in Maui, so duh we were going to go swimming before we headed off to dinner! :)

Maui sunrises are easily my favorite part about the trip. i think my other half would probably agree as well. because of the time change, we were up REALLLLYYYY early, every single morning, haha. so coffee and walk on the beach was a morning standard. 

THIS particular morning was mind.blowing. I’ve never seen a sky so pastel, so pink, so blue, so calm, so BEAUTIFUL.

THEN we went on a trip snorkeling!!!! holy smokes was this fun!! we all piled into our kayaks and paddled out to sea. i think we only ended up with one over turned kayak the whole trip, so i think that’s pretty darn good. :) turtles and urchins and fishes oh my!

poolside drinks + lazy river laps

and that my friends wrapped our time at The Grand Wailea! we ate breakfast, and said goodbye – then headed up the coast to Napili Beach and our little condo which was our home for the next 6 nights!


we were pretty darn excited to FINALLY be on Maui together. :)

we started making our tequila + guava drinks, and the first night together was history.

this is OUR VIEW out our condo sliding doors. seriously. i couldn’t get enough of it. trevor and i had a murphy bed in our condo, so once we unfolded it, this was literally what i saw when i turned my head and looked outside. it was THE BEST.

Just another little Maui sunrise. :)

a few pictures of our little home away from home! :) trevor always makes breakfast. :) i think ill keep him forever.


Trevor got called up to dance with the hula girls at our Thanksgiving show. :) hahaha. if you know Trevor at all, you know he hated every minute, and that it was the best.

a little adventure around the coastline with everyone!

this is what happens when you ask someone to take a group picture with your camera for you.. haha. oh well!

the blowhole! and the most INSANE weather! it was sunny one minute, and then stormy and pouring the next, and i swear the wind was like 1 million miles an hour. not.joking.

there happened to be the Roxy Surf Pro happening! insanely talented girl surfers catching some waves! we stayed here for quite awhile watching them!

another day, another snorkel adventure. :)

me + a turtle! :)

we adventured around Lahaina, ate shave ice, saw the most INSANE sunset of our trip, and had the best Hawaiian dinner everrrrrr.

it rained for about 10 minutes every morning after sunrise, followed by a rainbow. Napili, we love you.

coffee on the  beach.

roadtrip to Hana! we didn’t actually make it all the way to Hana, we stopped for lunch halfway through and turned around, because, dang, that road is long and windy! haha. but BEAUTIFUL!

a few pictures on the beach on our last day…

being on vacation with our best friends was the best ever. and being able to vacation with their kids was this is Annie, our goddaughter, and having these Maui memories with her and her baby brother Jack are so special.

beach day on our last day – try to spy Trevor whompin in the waves.

last sunset.

last Maui morning!

thanks for going on vacation with us! :)

until next time….

I travelled up to Monterey to hang with Michael & Amanda at their warm and cozy home a few weeks ago! this space has special meaning to them because it has been in Amanda’s family for a reallllllly long time, so capturing some sweet memories there was perfect.

then we traveled to King City to Michael’s families ranch – green grass, olive and oak trees, and sunshine chasing across the hills was the perfect way to end this sweet, giggle filled engagement session. :)

so happy for you both!! xo

Hearst State Beach in San Simeon was the absolutely perfect spot for Rene’ & Joe’s engagement session! there are so many photo spots here that I have fallen in love with, and I seem to find new ones every time I adventure around! we walked, we talked, we snuggled, and learned as we were over looking the high cliffs at the end of the point, that one of them has a real serious fear of heights. oops! haha. but they were troopers for me, and I rewarded them with the perfect golden sunset beach snuggle sesh. ;) can’t wait for their wedding this October at La Cuesta Ranch!! here’s a few favorites from our little afternoon together! xo

let me tell you a bit about my time with Alec & Delaney…

first of all, everything happens in life for a reason, and these two fell into our 2017 wedding calendar serendipitously. and i may or may not have done a happy dance after getting off the phone with Delaney and realizing that we were in fact, going to be able to work together this year.

these two are ridiculously and adorably in love. the way they look at each other, crack jokes, snuggle up, just.everyyything. I’m not even going to apologize for the amount of images that i have blogged for you today, because every single image tells more of the story of the love these two share and the incredible afternoon we had together.

we started in downtown SLO, cruising around, trying not to get hit by cars and dodging people! haha. once our feet were tired, we loaded up and headed to Perfumo Canyon. which is my new favorite spot to shoot at all the tiiiiime. it’s such a beautiful spot to watch the sunset!

here’s just a fewwww favorites. :) xo

Danielle & Bryan are getting married in Paso Robles, CA this June at Hammersky Vineyards, but they live in Dallas, TX! when it turned out that i already had plans to visit my best friend in Texas, we decided to make a real trip of it and have me fly to Dallas for their engagement session!

i met up with them for a yummy dinner the night i arrived in Dallas, and trying to beat most of the rain, we met up early the next morning for their engagement session! we played around downtown Dallas for a bit, and then went to their cozy little home for warm coffee and snuggles with their pup Napa! then we went out for burgers and beer! :)

that night i was in the craziiiiest storm of my liiiife! I’ve never experience rain, wind, or thunder and lighting like that, and oh, just a little tornado warning, no big deal…

enjoy a few of my favorites from our time in Dallas together!! :) xo