{baby Gavin} a birth story – twin cities hospital – templeton, ca

Katie Goodwin



I loove this!! Beautiful! Congratulations Grimes family.

Rocci Montesano

That is my Nephew, Niece, great niece and brand new great nephew Gavin. These are great pictures, You did a great Job !! Congratulations Kevin and Jessica. Love Uncle Rocci.

Melissa Orozco

Wow Lindsey, this is amazing…it brought tears to my eyes. You did so well capturing these moments. You have the curiosity from ashlynn, the support from kevin, and the love from all of them as a family…for Gavin and ashlynn…thank you for sharing this with us…(family that couldn’t be thr to support them like we wanted to)…What you did was amazing. You are truly gifted, being able to tell a story with no words…your pictures are breathe taking..

Allie Mankey

These are amazing!! Can’t wait to have you do ours!!!

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