Zach & Natalie | Engagement

Zach & Natalie are getting married this year in August at Terra Mia in Paso Robles! i am so excited for their wedding day, mainly because i just want to hang out with them again, and eat donuts. Natalie is 100% in love with donuts, aaaand Zach. I’m pretty certain she would choose Zach if she had to pick between one or the other, but it honestly might be a toss up. ;)

we meet up at SLO Donut Company to duh, get some donuts. and how cute were they to create a special donuts JUST for Zach & Natalie with their wedding date! after many donut bites, we headed off to Madonna mountain and then cruised to the beach for ‘sunset’ pictures, which turned into the freezing fog photos. it was as cold as it looks, but you would never know because these two are ROCKSTARS.


thanks for hanging with me you guys! so excitedddd for August! xo


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