{jon & krysten} engagement portraits – paso robles, ca

SOOOO good :)
that photo with the sun rays coming in between their arms is KILLERRRRRRRRR

Lindsey Gomes

awwww thanks Sarah. :)

jenn! thank you! :) i love those as well! i get to see you soon i hope!!

Adorable!! You did great! And congrats to your brother and his fiance! My two favorite pics are 1) of the two of them forehead to forehead- your brother’s expression is priceless…those shots always turn out so cute but it is so weird to be that close and look in someones’s eyes, lol, and 2) the black and white one of them kissing. Totally made me say “awwwww!!!!”

Good job, Lindsey, as always!! :-)